Vodafone is “Smart water supply” on the basis of the network NB-IoT for condominiums and housing and communal services

Vodafone Ukraine launches commercial operation of the “Smart water supply” based on its own network NB-IoT. Smart metering of water supply is a comprehensive solution that automates the collection and recording of data on the use of water resources. Vodafone offers to customers, condominiums, housing offices, utility companies – innovative solution of water metering at the level of an apartment building.

Hubble considered the galaxy composed mainly of dark matter

In the constellation URSA major (near the tail of the bear) NGC 5585 is a spiral galaxy that is more than it seems. Many stars and clouds of gas and dust that make up NGC 5585, it is shown in this image of Hubble is only a small part of the total mass of the galaxy.

In the Foxtrot, discount birthday up to 75%!

This feast was waiting for all the buyers Foxtrot, because they know – in their birthday one of the most popular chains selling household and electronic appliances always something pleasantly surprising.

So it will be this year in celebration of their 26th anniversary, the company staged a festive “party” discounts. What is remarkable this year for the Foxtrot?

Ukrainians refuse cash — Raketa

During the quarantine, every fifth Ukrainian has refused cash.

Such data are voiced by analysts of service delivery Raketa, examining customer payments in the period from March to September of the current year.

Smart watch Apple watch 6: what’s new?

The announcement of the Apple Watch Series 6 took place on 15 September. In addition to the flagship smart watches, the team from Cupertino revealed their budget version of the SE Series, and the new “air” tablet – iPad Air 4. The 12 announcement of the iPhone generation did not take place and is expected in October.

New smart watch has received a number of improvements at the hardware level, as well as support useful and unique features. Critics have noted that the iWatch 6 uses technology from the future and they become increasingly useful for owners.

A series of ORRO Reno 4 will soon appear in Ukraine

The world’s leading brand of smart devices ORRO announced that smartphones ORRO Reno 4 series will soon appear in Ukraine! After a successful presentation Reno4 series in China OPPO output adapted version of the smartphone Reno4 series to the European market. Equipped with updated and advanced features, Reno4 series will attract the attention of users who are looking for the perfect smartphone.

Represent OPPO ColorOS 11 with wide possibilities of customization

The world’s leading manufacturer of smart devices OPPO conducted a global online presentation of its updated shell ColorOS 11.

This way, OPPO went down in history as one of the first OEMs that used the latest update Android 11. Guided by the concept Make Life Flow (Manage life smoothly) ColorOS 11 supports all the popular standard features of Android, and provides opportunities UI customization users OPPO. Launch ColorOS 11 took place immediately after the public unveiling of Android 11 from Google, which indicates close cooperation between the two companies.

The highly competitive Realme Pro 7 with Super AMOLED, 64 MP quadricamere and charger 65W SuperDart is already available in Ukraine.

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