In August of this year, the Ukrainian vehicle fleet was replenished with 647 electric vehicles, of which 625 were passenger cars and 22 commercial vehicles. Compared to August of last year, the demand for electric cars decreased by 11% (commercial – by 61%), and if compared with July 2020, by 18% and 33%, respectively.

As before, when buying an electric car, Ukrainians preferred used copies – the share of imported second-hand goods in the August market of passenger electric vehicles was 91%, and in the commercial segment only one car was new.

The most popular passenger electric car in Ukraine continues to be Nissan Leaf; over the past month, 147 cars of this model received Ukrainian numbers. In general, the Top 10 electric vehicles are as follows:

Nissan Leaf – 147 units Tesla Model 3 – 98 units Tesla Model S – 66 units FIAT 500е – 50 units Tesla Model X – 35 units Hyundai Ioniq – 33 units Chevrolet Bolt – 32 units BMW i3 – 24 units Volkswagen e-Golf – 23 units Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED – 22 units

In the segment of commercial electric vehicles, almost all statistics were formed by Renault Kangoo ZE – 18 registrations per month out of 22.

In total, 4962 units have been registered in Ukraine since the beginning of 2020. purely electric motor vehicles: 4,737 light electric vehicles, 224 commercial vehicles and one electric bus.

Source: Ukravtoprom

By Alex

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang is a Silicon Valley-based consultant and writer. His latest book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less (Basic Books, 2016) and The Distraction Addiction (Little Brown, 2013) blend history, psychology, and neuroscience to explore the hidden role of leisure and mind-wandering in creative lives.

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