Acne is a skin condition that spots the skins with pimples, blackheads and even freckles at times. Anybody can get acne. Even some babies are reported to have acne! But it is a fact that Acne is more prevalent in teenagers than any other age group. Its strike rate in adolescence is comparatively higher than in adults or old people.

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The reasons behind this are given below:

Why acne is common in adolescene – Reasons
• Growing children do not take care of their skin enough due to which it becomes oily with clogged pores, ultimately leading to the condition Acne which creates spots on the skin.

• Teenagers are at the developing age of puberty and other hormonal changes and sometimes these changes bring about changes in the skin as well, i.e. acne.

• Since it is common in teenagers, their education and knowledge of acne is very little and this inverse relationship only causes it to occur often.

• Emotional stress and mental stature of adolescents also cause them to develop acne on their skin.

Statistics show that over eighty percent of teenagers across the world face acne problems which remain as a constant throughout their teens and disappear when they enter their twenties. And out of those eighty percent, less than eleven percent has had the opportunity to consult a doctor about it. The rest just lay low and hope that it’ll pass among the other awkward interphases of being a teen. Acne problems shouldn’t be handled in this manner. It only makes matters worse. Sometimes, teenagers are not to be blamed about their acne problems.

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It also has a heredity pattern because parents who had acne in their childhood, their kids are more likely to have it as well even if they do take proper care of their skin. However, it isn’t a really serious problem that everyone should worry about since it does no harm to the health of the body and certainly doesn’t cause any trouble in the internal systems either. Although the scarring of the face is probably the worst kind of suffering one goes through, especially a teenager in their adolescence years, it is something that will pass. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly either. If one has acne, it is best to take measures to get rid of it or else it could stay for a longer time or cause permanent dark spots as well but this seldom happens.

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