The Onion reports on low sales of Sousaphone Hero:

Despite a catchy 1890s soundtrack and realistic-feeling game play, Sousaphone Hero, the third installment of Activision’s massively popular Guitar Hero video game franchise, sold a mere 52 copies in the United States in its opening week, the company reported Monday….

Sousaphone Hero offers two dozen public-domain marches, including 1893’s “The Liberty Bell,” 1896’s “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and 1897’s “Entry of the Gladiators.” The bulky sousaphone-shaped controller coils around the body, and players wear white spat-like foot coverings fitted with sensors that monitor synchronized marching steps. As with the fret buttons on Guitar Hero’s guitar peripheral, the sousaphone controller’s three valves are color-coded to match on-screen notes the player must hit.

What’s notable about this is that haptic game controllers are now familiar enough to be parodied. You can only get the joke if you’re familiar with the Wii or Guitar Hero, and therefore can more clearly imagine how much something like Sousaphone Hero would suck.

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