He points out that Grindr is a response to online dating, which causes as many problems as it solves.

“With missed connections and back and forth, and: ‘Oh actually, this week I’m in New York, and you’re in LA…’ Online dating is frustrating! It is a lot of work!”

Grindr, on the other hand, is immediate. There is no messing about, no toing and froing, no building up your hopes via weeks of emails only to discover on your first physical date that you just don’t fancy whoever in the flesh. You see someone’s picture on Grindr, you meet immediately, you establish whether or not you’re attracted to each other: “Grindr reintroduces the aspect of chemistry. And – it’s real. It is not a Second Life. It is not a virtual world. It’s a tool. It enables real life, it doesn’t replace it.”

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