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It is a misconceived concept that only women have the problem of acne. It might be due to the fact that the advertisements with acne curing creams all have women. It might also be due to the fact that it is the women that go raging about searching for remedies of this terrible scarring of the face. But the truth is, men also get acne even if the media and the companies target women with acne rather the men with acne. Why? Because they are so less in number. men also look for the best acne treatment out there.

Why is acne less prevalent in men?

As said above, men definitely get acne. But the strike rate of their getting acne is far less than in women’s. The breakout of acne in men is uncommon because unlike women, they do not go through many hormonal changes in their life besides the main puberty factor. Their skin is also more strong and hard than a woman’s and even though a man’s hygiene level is low, the clogged pores and acne prevalence is not very common amongst them. Teenage boys get acne on the same level as girls, but as men they are far luckier than the opposite sex.

So why do men get acne?

Research shows that men usually get acne because of the diet they eat, not because of their skin or the care they’ve shown it. Men eating high protein diets, or let’s just say it, eating eggs all the time would see pimples on their face more often than others. This is not the only factor though. Men also take more stress than a woman and that also enhances their chances of getting acne. Other than that, their exposure to the sun is endless perhaps since men make up the working class in all the countries of the world and the sun makes the skin more oily and the spots more permanent, leading to acne.

How can men stop acne?

There are numerous ways of how men can stop acne, as listed below: • Taking care of the skin and becoming more hygienic would definitely reduce the chances of getting acne by more than eighty percent. • Drinking more water makes the circulation system more efficient and the skin really gets positively affected by water. • Not getting stressed too much would be better. And even if men do get stressed, they should release it in exercises such as going to the gym or even swimming. The stress doesn’t show on the skin then. • Shaving properly also stops the chances of getting acne. Having a proper shaving kit and not sharing it with others is better because if you do so then bacteria would be exchanged and we all know where that leads to. • Take your own shaving kit if you are going to a beautician to get your beard shaved or shaped.

• Wear sun block. You would be surprised how effective it is to keep the skin younger looking rather than burnt or scarred all the time.

For those manly men who have, for some unfortunate reason, developed acne, they need to look for remedies of skin care and to reduce acne. Natural acne kits are easily available and they are extremely safe. There have been no reported allergic reactions to natural acne kits and them since they are all natural, one does not have to worry about putting chemicals or strange ointments on their face. Although with men, there is a serious doubt whether they would care about what they are putting on their skin. But for their general information, if they want to follow a remedy then natural acne kits really do help all the way.

Men are really the luckier gender when it comes to acne. Their acne is very treatable and the breakout rate is rather low. However, due to carelessness and ignorance, the condition could develop into something even a man would have nightmares about but that rarely happens. So just follow a good lifestyle and eat a healthy diet and all the men of the world would have a beautiful and flawless skin, something that is every women’s dream.

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Acne is a skin condition that spots the skins with pimples, blackheads and even freckles at times. Anybody can get acne. Even some babies are reported to have acne! But it is a fact that Acne is more prevalent in teenagers than any other age group. Its strike rate in adolescence is comparatively higher than in adults or old people.

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The reasons behind this are given below:

Why acne is common in adolescene – Reasons
• Growing children do not take care of their skin enough due to which it becomes oily with clogged pores, ultimately leading to the condition Acne which creates spots on the skin.

• Teenagers are at the developing age of puberty and other hormonal changes and sometimes these changes bring about changes in the skin as well, i.e. acne.

• Since it is common in teenagers, their education and knowledge of acne is very little and this inverse relationship only causes it to occur often.

• Emotional stress and mental stature of adolescents also cause them to develop acne on their skin.

Statistics show that over eighty percent of teenagers across the world face acne problems which remain as a constant throughout their teens and disappear when they enter their twenties. And out of those eighty percent, less than eleven percent has had the opportunity to consult a doctor about it. The rest just lay low and hope that it’ll pass among the other awkward interphases of being a teen. Acne problems shouldn’t be handled in this manner. It only makes matters worse. Sometimes, teenagers are not to be blamed about their acne problems.

It also has a heredity pattern because parents who had acne in their childhood, their kids are more likely to have it as well even if they do take proper care of their skin. However, it isn’t a really serious problem that everyone should worry about since it does no harm to the health of the body and certainly doesn’t cause any trouble in the internal systems either. Although the scarring of the face is probably the worst kind of suffering one goes through, especially a teenager in their adolescence years, it is something that will pass. But it shouldn’t be taken lightly either. If one has acne, it is best to take measures to get rid of it or else it could stay for a longer time or cause permanent dark spots as well but this seldom happens.

It would be best to hold educational classes in school from a younger age to explain about hygiene and how to take care of the skin because it really lowers a kid’s confidence level and self esteem when something happens to the skin of the face. It is the age at which a boy or a girl wants to look their best because the teasing and the groups and the social ladder are just too much of a worry for them. Since it is an agreed upon fact that Acne is way more common in teenagers than it is in adults, here are a few ways to get the youngsters to solve their problems and never get acne or get rid of the acne problem.

Tips for adolesecents to help prevent / treat acne
• For girls, it is utmost important to know that they shouldn’t put on many chemicals on the skin. Light amounts of make-up are fine but any more than that and it genuinely harms the skin and leads to skin conditions such as acne.

• For boys, they do not take care of their skin at all! If they could just wash their faces when it gets too oily from playing sports or sitting under the sun for long, the clogged pores would not be present and they would not get overly pimples and acne.

• Eating a healthy diet for both boys and girls is very important. Those teenagers who eat a balanced diet filled with vegetables and fruits have higher chances of clear skin than those who survive on junk food and fizzy drinks.

• Drink ample amounts of water. It essential for the skin.

Acne shouldn’t be taken as disease, as it is by some adolescents. It is just part of growing up like getting facial hair and the breaking of voices as well as developing other characteristics that bring about changes in the body. One shouldn’t stress about it but one shouldn’t ignore it either. Ignoring it would just make it worse. Take care of the skin if it is riddled with acne and be patient. Eventually, it’ll just remove itself when the right time comes. Treatments are always available such as herbal supplements and acne treatment kits that could make the process of recovering to a flawless skin faster and if one really cannot wait, then there is no harm in getting those or consulting a good dermatologist. Whatever helps, should be done.

You wake up early in the morning and the window is open, sunlight will probably enter and enlighten you. When you step out of the house, it will fall upon you no matter where you go unless it is in some sort of covering or shelter. It is a gift of nature and a gift of God and one should embrace it and bask in it but they should be careful at the same time. As they say, too much of a good thing isn’t beneficial either. Oh well, there are two sides to every story. And you get to read both.

The Negative Effect

Sunlight has various negative features to it. But be careful in noting that the negative elements only take place when the exposure to sunlight is way too much than normal. Otherwise, it is a pretty harmless element in one’s life. Though in whatever way, there are negative effects. Some of them are outlined here in detail.

• It causes the aging of skin. For those who do care a lot about beauty, this could seriously be their worst nightmare.

• It causes wrinkles. Yes, when people grow older they are bound to get a few wrinkles but too much exposure to sunlight gets the skin to age faster and develop wrinkles faster.

• Ultra violet rays from the Sun can cause skin cancer but the chances of that are few. Still, the percentage of occurrence of skin cancer is surprisingly increasing.

• Too much sunlight can also damage the skin cells and cause sunburn, which is very common in sunny areas and along coastal areas.

• Sunlight is also known to damage the immune system. As absurd as it may sound, it is true.

While you have pimples or freckles on the skin, rather than healing the body makes them more prominent. However, note that this only happens when a lot of exposure is received. Most of the negative effects of sunlight are due to an extreme exposure of sunlight, not sunlight.

• The UV rays also make the collagen of the skin break down so the skin becomes rough looking.

The Positive Effect

It is time for a little positivity about sunlight. If you read the positive effects after the negative ones, you won’t leave reading the article a cynic. And if you’ve read the pattern carefully, sunlight can only harm you if you have a lot of exposure towards it. Please do not go around hiding from it. Here, you will learn how sunlight benefits you.

• The greatest benefit of sunlight is that it keeps the skin healthy looking otherwise a person who has been deprived of sunlight at long stretches has a pale and scaly looking skin.

• Sunlight is also known to cure skin cancer. But the thingis, sunlight at a moderate level. Not too much.

• Psoriasis is a condition where the skin sheds the cells quickly and develops itchy patches. A treatment method is to sit in the sunlight for a little while every day. The UV rays decreases the speed at which the cells are being shed and the skin is healed to being healthier looking.

• Some doctors call sunlight a ‘natural disinfectant’. Little exposure to sunlight over several time periods can clear many mild skin conditions that are prevalent in teenagers and even adults.

• A little sunlight also puts more color into the skin and beautifies it.

• It hastens healing.

• Research shows that skin also cleans out some of the bacteria on the skin with the UV rays present.

Sunlight is a wonderful thing for human health in general, and not just the skin. But the key to get all benefits from sunlight is to have a little of it. As you have read above, it is quite clear the sunlight in little amount has the power to heal, keep the skin fresh and provides the nourishment the skin needs. And if there is too much exposure to sunlight, it can indeed be disastrous. You should go out in the sunlight on a daily basis and give the advantage to your skin that it deserves. But remember; do not sit in it for hours at a stretch. What can happen, you already know.

Read more here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/anatomyvideos/000125.htm