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Men are really the luckier gender when it comes to acn

It is a misconceived concept that only women have the problem of acne. It might be due to the fact that the advertisements with acne curing creams all have women. It might also be due to the fact that it is the women that go raging about searching for remedies of this terrible scarring of the face. But the truth is, men also get acne even if the media and the companies target women with acne rather the men with acne. Why? Because they are so less in number. men also look for the best acne treatment out there.

Why is acne less prevalent in men?

As said above, men definitely get acne. But the strike rate of their getting acne is far less than in women’s. The breakout of acne in men is uncommon because unlike women, they do not go through many hormonal changes in their life besides the main puberty factor. Their skin is also more strong and hard than a woman’s and even though a man’s hygiene level is low, the clogged pores and acne prevalence is not very common amongst them. Teenage boys get acne on the same level as girls, but as men they are far luckier than the opposite sex.

So why do men get acne?

Research shows that men usually get acne because of the diet they eat, not because of their skin or the care they’ve shown it. Men eating high protein diets, or let’s just say it, eating eggs all the time would see pimples on their face more often than others. This is not the only factor though. Men also take more stress than a woman and that also enhances their chances of getting acne. Other than that, their exposure to the sun is endless perhaps since men make up the working class in all the countries of the world and the sun makes the skin more oily and the spots more permanent, leading to acne.

How can men stop acne?

There are numerous ways of how men can stop acne, as listed below: • Taking care of the skin and becoming more hygienic would definitely reduce the chances of getting acne by more than eighty percent. • Drinking more water makes the circulation system more efficient and the skin really gets positively affected by water. • Not getting stressed too much would be better. And even if men do get stressed, they should release it in exercises such as going to the gym or even swimming. The stress doesn’t show on the skin then. • Shaving properly also stops the chances of getting acne. Having a proper shaving kit and not sharing it with others is better because if you do so then bacteria would be exchanged and we all know where that leads to. • Take your own shaving kit if you are going to a beautician to get your beard shaved or shaped.

• Wear sun block. You would be surprised how effective it is to keep the skin younger looking rather than burnt or scarred all the time.