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7 Worst Common Health Problems Caused by Computer Use

Technology has dramatically changed how humans deal with life. The rise of computers and the internet have improved various applications – business, education, entertainment, and health, among others. According to Internet Live Stats, over 3.4 billion in the world has access to the internet. That’s 46% of the total world population. People nowadays are dependent on computers – research, communication, and productivity. However, scientists have found out that the use of computers affects a human’s well-being.

Here are the 7 worst common health problems associated with computer use:


Muscle Problems

There are different ways on how we use computers. But most commonly, people sit on a chair and face the desktop monitor placed on a desk. According to research, regular computer users complain about muscle soreness and muscle fatigue. They also experience numbness in back, chest, arms, shoulders, and feet. The major cause of these is poor posture while using the computer.


Vision Problems

Too much focus on a computer screen is bad for the eyes. According to American Optometric Association, prolonged exposure to computers, tablets, and smartphones cause computer vision syndrome. An average American worker spends about seven hours a day on the computer. To avoid this condition, one should follow the 20-20-20 rule.



Computer use also caused headaches and migraines. According to Very Well, there are various factors that trigger headaches. This includes illumination, patterns, and images in the computer. Also, poor posture contributes to the onset of headaches.



Prolonged computer use also increased the risk of people to stress. The hazards of computer use, plus poor health, job environment, and work pressure provide stress. It can also lead to poor concentration, weariness, and constant headaches. If the person cannot tolerate stress, it will lead to depression and more serious mental health disorders.



The leading indicator of a sedentary lifestyle is the use of the computer for several hours. Approximately, 2.1 billion people or 30% of the world population are obese or overweight. The use of computer makes these people, especially children to be inactive, which will increase their risk to obesity and later on, to diabetes and heart disorders.


Repetitive Stress Injury

When you continue to stress your musculoskeletal parts, it may indicate repetitive stress injury. The most common parts affected of this are the neck, shoulder, and your fingers. Thus, it is important that computers users follow proper posture and the proper positioning of the computer, desk, and chair.



Part of computers is radiation. Most computers have Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) on the monitor which emits X-ray radiation that is extremely bad for the health. Being exposed to radiation can increase one’s risk to cancer, migraines, insomnia, and tumors. It can also lead to miscarriage and birth defects. Most recently, scientists have found out that placing laptops in the lap affects male fertility. Computer radiation may not just decrease sperm count, but will also trigger skin irritation.

These are some of the reasons why you should regulate your use of computers.