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links for 2006-02-24

  • "[W]e talk about this ethereal "cyberspace" daily and claim to communicate with our friends, family and co-workers there. Why, given the lack of a firm definition of "cyberspace", do we frequently claim to interact there?"
    (tags: cyberspace science_fiction Internet language culture)
  • On the use of the concept of cyberspace as a separate place, and potentially a separate legal entity or soverign state.
    (tags: internet cyberspace law place/space)
  • 2003 article on "the dynamic aspect of [Russian] social and individual creativity in" cyberspace.
    (tags: cyberspace cybergeography)
  • Using architectural case studies, this article "explores the possibility of organizing Cyberspace into spatial settings that not only afford social interaction, but, like physical places, also embody and express cultural values."
    (tags: cyberspace architecture place/space)
  • A special issue on the impact of Johnson and Post's "Law and Borders: The Rise of Law in Cyberspace."
    (tags: cyberspace law)
  • "They always ask if you can play it on the Internet—it's so cute how they still call it 'the Internet'..."
    (tags: games language cyberspace)
  • "[I]f the shift from physical to digital books is so inevitable, then why did public libraries break attendance records last year?... Is a library really just a collection of books?"
    (tags: library cyberspace architecture)
  • "Is the sudden, mysterious, numinous attraction of cyberspace an indication that therein lies the embryonic form of the new conscious dominant?"
    (tags: history cyberspace culture religion spirituality)

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